Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So Long Overdue, But...

It's been months since my last post, and I apologize to both of you - dear followers - for my procrastination. Apparently, I am very busy and important...if not perpetually distracted! Much has happened in the past 5 months, and I have a lot of news on a few different projects going on right now. It's very exciting, and I am finally feeling fulfilled, with my volunteering and activism.

First, I was able to meet with the City of Plano Environmental and Sustainability Department, where we swapped ideas and established a few priorities. They have put me in charge of coordinating the efforts of the Apartment Recycling Volunteers. Though it's not a paying gig, I'm confident that the experience and successes will grant me a nice notch for my resume. In my opinion, apartment recycling is something that is essential in becoming environmentally responsible as a society.

Having lived in so many multi-family properties, I am well aware of the incredible amount of trash these places create on a weekly basis. Since committing to recycling about 2 years ago, I've learned that our little family creates twice as much recycling as normal trash, alone. If we had a compost, we'd produce even less trash.

Initiating recycling at all Plano multi-family properties is a formidable challenge, but I am excited to take it on, and I'm even happier to lead it. Over the past couple of weeks, I have researched, submitted, and published a proposal, which can be found here, and am really eager to receive feedback.

Next, in accordance with, I have made my first step as an official activist, participating in a Health Care Rally at the Dallas office of Senator John Cornyn as part of a nation-wide effort to support President Obama's Healthcare Program. I was able to read a speech which I'd prepared, regarding my personal story with the costs of healthcare in America. This speech can also be viewed here.

Another active-activist organization which I've recently become interested in is They are planning meetings with senators in each state with MomsRising members to broadcast and educate our representatives of the healthcare crisis as it stands, which negatively affects hundreds if not thousands of their consituents every day.

While my first rally was a great experience, I couldn't help but feel like we didn't make much of a dent, despite our petition which we delivered; particularly considering the politics Cornyn endorses. But, we did receive much attention, from both passers-by and the media, and if my participation - or my story - was able to show someone else that anyone can be a part of a movement towa
rd progress, then it is all worthwhile.

Moving forward, my husband Vadim and I are always working diligently at home to improve our lives, as a family. We recently embraced our inclination to change, which has previously daunted us as we rarely could relate to our friends and neighbors. We thrive in our adaptation to the new and the different - particularly within new challenges and striving for knowledge and happiness. Stability is said to be routine, but routine is relative. What works for us has not been demonstrated to work for others.

This past week, we took advantage of the opportunity to take a spontaneous trip to Colorado, of which we'd heard so many great things, where we always thought we'd end up, but we'd never visited ourselves. Our ideals were solidified in the majestic Rocky mountain views in Denver and Colorado Springs, and now we're planning on moving out there before the end of the year! While I'm bummed about having just begun in my activism here, I know we truly belong there, and I'm so excited about our new adventure together.

I hope you take a moment to check out the organizations I've mentioned in this post, and to perhaps take another to find one that hits closer to home for you. If I can do even the smallest thing toward a greater good, then surely anyone can. Thanks again for reading - and I promise not to let so much time pass between posts!

You have been asking what you could do in the great events that are now stirring, and have found that you could do nothing. But that is because your suffering has caused you to phrase the question in the wrong way…. Instead of asking what you could do, you ought to have been asking what needs to be done.

~ Steven Brust

The Paths of the Dead


  1. Would love to meet you at Live Green Expo on 4/17/10. I'll be working at the Conversation Cafe discussion about recycling at apartment and condo complexes in Plano.

  2. I'm sorry, Nancy, but I no longer live in Texas. Good luck with your recycling project!