Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting Started

I am totally pumped and completely motivated to finally be, what seems to me, on the right track in my tumultuous life, at long last! I won't bore you with all the complicated details, but basically, my confidence and commencement as a public artist and philanthropist has been a long time coming.

To be brief, I am working on a few projects simultaneously, and these will be the subject matter for my posts, and hopefully a bit of encouragement for your own creativity and/ or volunteerism. Hell, if I can do it, truly, anyone can!

I really appreciate any support and comments anyone is willing to offer because, more than tooting my own little horn here, I hope to somehow embolden others in their own time and community, so feedback is essential.

Timing is everything, everything happens for a reason, and reason is the ally of intuition. With those tenets in mind, I'll close this, and hopefully each post with a relevant quote; starting with the following...

Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be true.

~Buddha [Likely paraphrased]

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  1. Very wise indeed- grasshopper-